Been enchanted by elderflowers the last month..

After going on a foraging trip learning about elderflowers and picking elderberries making syrup last year I’ve been chasing these little clusters of white sweet scented blossoms almost every day.

It’s been a perfect year for elderflowers and I’ve picked bags filled with flowers so far.

List of things you can do
-Coughing syrup
-infuse water

Been making a dozen of bottles of elderflower cordial so far that turned out really well. I’ve put some in the freezer so save for the winter. I’ve also used some as flavouring for my kombutcha and water kefir. Excited to see how it turns out with some fizziness ☺️


I started making a batch of elderflower wine that had infused for 3 days and only to realise that I’ve not used wine yeast but bread yeast 😂 apparently there is a difference there. I ordered a a wine brewing kit and will try again later this wrrk. Hopefully there’ll still be some blossoms left.

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