Decided a handful of years ago to move to Dublin in “Emerald Island” Ireland.

Been spending my time here working within the tech industry, traveling, nurturing my fascination with new science within gut health, creative & anti-inflammatory cooking and working towards my goal of becoming the oldest person that’s every lived.

Example of courses I’ve done the last couple of years

  • Summer foraging & fermenting
  • Spring foraging
  • Autumn foraging
  • Yin Yoga 4 week course
  • Spring Flowers in Watercolour 2 day course
  • Creativity workshop 4 weeks (based on The artist’s way)
  • Creative mindfulness
  • Creative visionboard

Probiotic foods I make on a regulair basis

  • Fermented red cabbage + other veg
  • Kombutcha
  • Water Kefir
  • Coconut Kefir Yoghurt

Recommendations on health that inspires med

  • Grain Brain (grains in food) Brain Maker (gut bacteria ) & Brain Wash (digital detox) by Dr Perlmutter
  • Lifespan by David Sinclair
  • Välj hälsa! (Choose health!) by Stig Bengmark

Online courses currently enrolled in

  • CS50 Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard
  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking by Stanford